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Thai Consonants (part 1)

According to Thai dictionaries, there are 48 Thai consonants representing 21 distinct initial consonant sounds and 9 distinct final consonant sounds. The order of the consonants below is arranged by the Thai dictionary order. We romanized the characters and grouped them mostly based on the sounds in English and the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) system. Therefore, it is easy for foreigners to learn and understand how each consonant is pronounced from the romanization below especially if you know some IPA. When we use the romanization below to transliterate Thai words or sentences, everybody will read it correctly in the same way as Thais. For example, “Thai language” (ภาษาไทย) can be transliterated as [phaasaathai].

Velar Consonants
Thai consonant 1Thai consonant 2Thai consonant 3Thai consonant 4Thai consonant 5
Thai consonant 6Thai consonant 7
Post Alveolar Consonants
Thai consonant 8Thai consonant 9Thai consonant 10Thai consonant 11Thai consonant 12
Palatal Consonant
Thai consonant 13
Alveolar Consonants
Thai consonant 14Thai consonant 15Thai consonant 16Thai consonant 17Thai consonant 18
Thai consonant 19Thai consonant 20Thai consonant 21Thai consonant 22Thai consonant 23
Thai consonant 24Thai consonant 25
Bilabial Consonants
Thai consonant 26Thai consonant 27Thai consonant 28Thai consonant 29Thai consonant 30
Thai consonant 31Thai consonant 32Thai consonant 33
Palatal Consonant
Thai consonant 34
Alveolar Consonants
Thai consonant 35Thai consonant 36Thai consonant 37Thai consonant 38
Thai consonant 39Thai consonant 40
Bilabial Consonant
Thai consonant 41
Alveolar Consonants
Thai consonant 42Thai consonant 43Thai consonant 44
Glottal & Alveolar Consonants
Thai consonant 45Thai consonant 46Thai consonant 47Thai consonant 48

Upper roman scripts with white background represent initial sounds while lower roman scripts with grey background represent final sounds.
1= High Class | 2= Mid Class | 3= Low Class (indicating tones)
(O)= Obsolete, no longer used or rarely used
” = The consonant can be considered as a vowel.
* = The consonant comes with its own vowel.
^ = no form exists. For example สระ [sraʔ] : pool (N.)

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  • Flag of Thailand

    National flag of Thailand is also called TRAIRONG flag (ธงไตรรงค์) which means three-colored flag; red, white, and blue. The meanings of the color are red for nation, white for religious, and blue for the king. Thai’s national flag shows five horizontal stripes in the colors; red, white, blue (double width), white and red. Please see how to draw the flag of Thailand below.

    Thai Flags

    How to draw Thai’s national flag.
    1. Thai’s national flag is rectangular and the ratio of the flag is 2 to 3 (height, width). Here we have 3 cm. for the height and 4.5 cm for the width.

    2. Divide the height into three so we have three horizontal stripes. The height of each stripe is one centimeter.

    3. Fill the center stripe with blue color. Then, divide the upper horizontal stripe into two stripes equally and do the same with the lower horizontal stripe.

    4. Fill the top stripe with red and do the same with the bottom stripe. Here you go!

    Below is the clip of the Thai national anthem on Let’s sing along!

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