National flag of Thailand is also called TRAIRONG flag (ธงไตรรงค์) which means three-colored flag; red, white, and blue. The meanings of the color are red for nation, white for religious, and blue for the king. Thai’s national flag shows five horizontal stripes in the colors; red, white, blue (double width), white and red. Please see how to draw the flag of Thailand below.

Thai Flags

How to draw Thai’s national flag.
1. Thai’s national flag is rectangular and the ratio of the flag is 2 to 3 (height, width). Here we have 3 cm. for the height and 4.5 cm for the width.

2. Divide the height into three so we have three horizontal stripes. The height of each stripe is one centimeter.

3. Fill the center stripe with blue color. Then, divide the upper horizontal stripe into two stripes equally and do the same with the lower horizontal stripe.

4. Fill the top stripe with red and do the same with the bottom stripe. Here you go!

Below is the clip of the Thai national anthem on Let’s sing along!