If you have visited Thailand, have you ever wonder why you often see department stores, beauty shops, floating markets or local markets in Thailand selling coconut oil? Is it popular? Or is it merely a trend?

Coconut, tremendously beneficial plant, has been used for cooking in Thai kitchen and for other purposes for a long time. Ten years ago, more benefit of coconut has been studied and promoted especially coconut oil. This helps Thai people to pay attention and to use it more in everyday life. Therefore, the more demand of coconut oil usage the more supply is generated. Today, people learn that coconut oil is very beneficial to their health from head to toe, also from external to internal body health.
Coconut Oil
Below is the list of health benefits from using coconut oil for cooking, drinking, rinsing or applying

EXTERNAL USE (by applying)

A. Hair Treatment and Strengthening (conditioning, penetrating roots, killing rice, improving dandruff)
B. Skin Treatment (moisturizing, preventing premature aging, skin infection solution or skin cleansing) Also improves or heals Many Skin Diseases: Fungal Infections, Acne, Eczema, Keratosis.

INTERNAL USE (by drinking, cooking or rinsing)

A. Promotes Weight Loss
B. Strengthens Immune System (Kill many Bacteria and Viruses)
C. Improves Digestive System
D. Kill Candida Fungus
E. Improves or Reverses Alzheimer’s Disease
F. Improves Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
G. Provide Peak Performance Energy
H. Helps with Hypothroidism

As we know a lot of benefits from coconut oil above, it is time to turn back to use natural products and reduce using chemical products for your heath benefits!

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