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2009 series of Thai coins

In 2009 (๒๕๕๒), the new series of Thai coins is released in circulation. The changes of the series are materials for reducing production cost and the update of the image on the obverse to the King Bhumipol Adulyadej recent age image. Two-baht coin was the first of the new series released because of the confusion of the similarity in color and size to the one-baht coin.

Value Released Year Mass Composition
25 sataang 1987 – 2007 1.9 g Aluminum bronze
2009 Copper-plated steel
50 sataang 1987 – 2007 2.4 g Aluminum bronze
2009 Copper-plated steel
1 baht 1986 – 2007 3.4 g Cupronickel
2009 3 g Nickel-plated steel
2 baht 2006 – 2008 4.4 g Nickel-plated low-carbon steel
2009 4 g Aluminum bronze
5 baht 1988 – 2007 7.5 g Cupronickel clad copper
2009 6 g
10 baht 1988 – 2007 8.5 g Ring: Cupronickel
2009 Center: Aluminum bronze

5 baht coin
Five-Baht Coin
2008(๒๕๕๑) Series (Left) | 2009(๒๕๕๒) Series (Right)

Although, the Royal Thai Mint can solve the problem of the two-baht coin, there is an issue with the weight of new coins. Some new coin series are lighter than the old series. Apparently, the old series of five-baht coin are weighted 7.5 grams but the new series are only 6 grams. People can feel the weight and the thinness of the coin. Using the new five-baht coin with coin operated machine might cause problem. Many coin operated machines such as washing machines, BTS machines, or public telephones do not accept the coin; therefore, the Royal Thai Mint has to work fast with the related companies for making the machines work well with the old and new coin series.

5 baht coins
Five-Baht Coin
2008 Series: 2 mm (Left) | 2009 Series: 1.5 mm (Right)
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  • Enjoy ice cream, save the planet.

    To celebrate the World Environment Day, urban people can get started doing something different for saving the earth. On a hot day in Bangkok, ice cream lovers and many people might know an ice cream cart like “Phaithooang” (ไผ่ทอง).
    How can you help our earth and enjoy your ice cream?

    The World Environment Day
    Ice cream on Cone and Bun

    Street ice cream cart such as Phaithooang provides you four choices of ice cream containers; a bun, a cone, a plastic cup and a foam container. The easy way to save our earth is to pick a cone (5 baht) or a bun (10 baht) for your choice of ice cream container and stop using a plastic cup or a foam container with a plastic spoon. Is that easy saving our planet? Just get started by this and if you have time to grow some plants, that will be wonderful.
    Enjoy your ice cream and save the earth today! (^0^)//

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