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Do you have Thai friends? I think if you have talked to them via emails, chatting programs or social networking websites, you might have seen “5555555” or “555555+” characters. These might bewilder you what they mean.
Thai Internet Slang
The number five is not any error or typo. It is only Thai Internet slang. Thai people pronounce the number five as “haa” so it sounds like “ha”. Therefore when Thai people would like to laugh while they are talking online, they will type “555” for “ha ha ha”. Many fives “55555555555” or many fives with plus sign(s) “55555555+(+)” can be used for LOL.

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  • Some people might have questions about what is happening in Bangkok right now. Tourists in some countries might have heard that there is a war in Bangkok and are afraid to travel to Thailand. Is that true? I would say that if your travel destination is not Bangkok. Why afraid? It is true that some certain areas in Bangkok are not safe for tourism but in other parts of Thailand are still safe, quiet, peaceful and nice as usual.

    I borrowed Bangkok Dangerous street map from Richard Barrow. Below you will see that only the central Bangkok is not safe but the rest of Bangkok and other 75 provinces are safe and nice. We still stay in Bangkok today too, we just like to let the tourists to know that please keep yourself away from some certain area in Bangkok. If you just would like to stop for transiting at our international airport in Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport), not in Bangkok province, to outside of Bangkok, we can say that there is nothing to worry about. Tourists can transit at the airport to any parts of Thailand conveniently. Only traveling in Bangkok is not comfortable at this time.

    If you love Thailand and would like to spend your precious free time in Thailand, we have beautiful beaches in the south of Thailand; Phuket, Phi Phi, Phang Nga etc. Tourists can go there for snorkeling or scuba driving. For someone who loves trekking, we have many places in the north of Thailand. If you would like to just stop at Thailand for a few days and travel to Laos or Vietnam, you can go across the northeastern area. We believe that our situation in Bangkok will end soon and tourists will be able to enjoy shopping in our main shopping area in Bangkok like Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and Central World in the near future. : )

    View Bangkok Dangerous: Street Battles May 2010 in a larger map