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Hello summer!! It’s time again to enjoy one of Thai favorite sweet “Sweet mango and coconut milk sticky rice”. During the summer time we can see mango in every places in Thailand and also the coconut milk sticky rice which is sold together with the mango. Sweet mango and coconut milk sticky rice in Thai is called as short as “Khaauniiau mamuuau” (ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง).

Naamdooakmaai mango is a popular mango which is served with coconut milk sticky rice. There are 6-7 ingredients for making coconut milk sticky rice which are 1) Kiiaunguu sticky rice 2) Coconut milk 3) Sugar 4) Salt 5) Water 6) Kaaujaau Powder 7) Pandanus leaf (if you have). Using the Pandanus leaf, you will get wonderful-smelled sticky rice. The Kiiaunguu sticky rice is the best sticky rice because of the long shape and the softness. However, other sticky rice can be substituted.
Sweet mango and coconut milk sticky rice

Sweet mango and coconut milk sticky rice

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  • The more popular photography is, the more poses are. Many Thai poses are derived from foreign countries. The V sign is one of the popular pose among Thai people for years. It could be the palm facing outward, inward or any directions which will give different meanings depending on how creative the model is.
    V-sing pose
    Another recent popular pose among Thai people is big heart pose. The big heart pose or so-called “SA RANG HAE YO” pose has been popular over a year. SA RANG HAE YO (ซา รัง เฮ โย) means “I love you.” This pose usually is made by two people. When making this pose, some might say “SA RANG HAE YO” together with the pose. The pose is popular in all ages.
    Saranghae Yo Pose
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